We're Finally at HOME! There are options for PRE-GAME (a.k.a. Tailgating) at WILDCAT STADIUM. There are several areas where Parents park/gathering. If you'd like to share where you'll be PLEASE POST! (no formal designated spot for parents). I know a few sets of parents are in the PRIORITY LOT right outside of the MAIN GATE entrance. Many people are somewhere in BOULDER LOT and Next to the PRACTICE FIELD. Once again please POST if you'd like to divulge where you're at!!

Inside WILDCAT STADIUM there's a FAMILY FRIENDLY "RUTMAN'CAT PACK" area near the End zone closest to SECTION 101. There's (603) Concessions on the main concourse, and there's a BEER Garden located on the lower level (after the Main Gate entrance)...LOOK FOR SIGNS!

Once again PLEASE POST if you'd like to share your location Prior To Kick-off!!


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